An acupuncture session involves the gentle stimulation of specific areas on the body to encourage the body’s energy or “Qi” to flow. Qi is the sum total of our metabolic processes. The simple fact that you can eat, speak, and stand up means that you are alive, and that you have some Qi. Remember, acupuncturists promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms. In other words, it is not “Magic.” Our bodies are magic. Good acupuncture simply unblocks the body’s potential. The focus is on stimulation of the acupuncture point. A tiny, sterile, 1-time use acupuncture needle is simply the most precise way to provide stimulation to your body. Learn more about acupuncture at DaoCloud.

    Note: Some people only consider going to an acupuncturist after ALL OTHER OPTIONS are exhausted. This makes for difficult cases that typically will take longer to respond to treatment. Consider seeking acupuncture before small symptoms become big ones. Remember that it is perfectly okay to give up on a practitioner, but I ask you to never give up on Chinese Medicine! It has worked for many people for a very long time. I thank Brad Whisnant DAOM, Lac for this concept.